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Methods and Services

Adapt uses a variety of behavioral methods developed through the fundamental science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach our clients everyday skills. For individuals with Autism, often these skills revolve around the ability to communicate their wants and needs, interact within their social environments, and complete everyday living skills, but this can vary from one individual to the next. In addition to working on improving these socially significant skills, focus is also placed on reducing behavioral concerns that might be impeding our client's ability to function and learn from their everyday environments.  To address these behaviors, we start with a comprehensive behavioral assessment in both the individual's home and everyday environments.  Recognizing that there is no "one-size-fits-all" way of assessing an individual, we utilize a variety of assessment tools and strategies to properly determine an individual's baseline skill levels, as well as the potential functions of problematic behaviors.  Strategies to reduce these behaviors and improve related skills are developed with the support of decades of collective, professional experience and presented to supporting caregivers in a user-friendly manner.  


Adapt places a significant focus on  generalization and maintenance of taught behaviors during each intervention within each individual's everyday environments, and we recognize that this can only be achieved if the caregivers that support each individual are also properly trained.  Our job is unique in that we are ultimately successful when we have worked ourselves out of a job! To achieve this transition, emphasis within each intervention is placed on leaving each caregiver we work for with the same education, techniques, and methods we use.  Each intervention is presented to caregivers in a precise, jargon-free manner,  and practiced and modeled within their naturally occurring daily routines and environments. We  believe that every day, every moment is a teaching opportunity!

Probably the most defining aspect of Adapt's approach  is our focus on professional development  within our team. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of service and with that comes a relentless pursuit to continuously train and educate our teams on the most effective, efficient, and pragmatic ABA approaches within the field today.  From day one of employment with Adapt, our focus is to make each individual a better practitioner, regardless of their incoming skills.  We aspire to better our teams everyday and with the use  of strong mentorships, consistent supervision opportunities, comprehensive trainings, professional seminars, and support for certification and school programs, we assist in helping our employees to meet these aspirations.  

Behavioral Assessment




- Vineland

- Early Start Denver Model

​Direct Therapy​

- Pivotal Response Training

- Natural Environment Training

- Discrete Trial Training

- Incidental Teaching

- Functional Communication Training

-Early Intensive intervention

-COMING SOON: PEERS for Young Adults


-Parent consultation and education
-Professional Consultation

-School Consultation and Education


Diagnostic Assessment
-Autism Spectrum Disorder 
​Professional Development

- Registered Behavior Technician Certification

- BCBA supervision

- Continuing Education Seminars/Trainings

- Opportunities to move into various roles within the company

-Assistance within graduation programs

​In-Network Providers with

- San Mateo Behavioral Health

- Blue Shield

- Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) 

- Contra Costa Health Plan




-Anthem Blue Cross

*Single Case Agreements with out-of-network providers

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