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Meet Our Collective



Philip Grant MA., BCBA

Philip began his career in ABA in 2003 as a Behavior Therapist. He cultivated his expertise over the last decade through various clinical positions ranging from Behavioral Specialist to Behavioral Consultant to Program Manager, and currently, as the CEO and Founder of Adapt. He has worked with hundreds of individuals from 2 to 70 years of age with varying diagnoses ranging from Autism to MR to ADHD to OCD.  He is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Master's in Education and an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Therapy.    


Philip's  professional goals are to advance the field of ABA through continued research and the development of modern, pragmatic applications, to educate "whoever wants to learn" on the principles and successful implementation of ABA, and to provide the highest quality of professional service to each individual he works with.  He is truly inspired by redefining possibilities!

Directors & Managers

Amy Zora MA., NCC., BCBA

Executive Clinical Director

Amy’s background  includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Gonzaga University as well as a Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in ABA therapy from Arizona State University. Amy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC,) as well as certified in PEERS TM.  Her experience includes working with survivors of assault, providing counseling to individuals, couples, families, and children. Over the last decade, Amy has focused on working directly with children and families diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders using ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy. 

Within the field of ABA, she has primarily worked in direct therapy and supervision, implementation of goals and treatment plans, parent training, and clinician development. Amy is always eager to continue her growth and development as a professional, to best help the clients she serves. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with family and friends and getting out to the beach as much as possible.

Brandon Garay M.Ed., BCBA

Clinical Director

Brandon began his career in ABA upon completion of his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His first experience in the field of special needs took place while teaching in Madrid, Spain. After a year of teaching, Brandon returned to the states and began working in various public schools as both a behavior therapist and a paraprofessional in after-school sports programs for individuals with special needs. He have over 2 years of experience working in a public school setting and over a year of experience providing in-home therapy. After completing his Masters of Education degree in Applied Behavior Analysis Brandon began his goal of working towards becoming a BCBA. That goal was achieved recently as Brandon earned his official status as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst!

Ashley Macatangay, M.S., BCBA

Clinical Director

In 2014, Ashley completed her Bachelor's degree and acquired her license as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in the Philippines. As an OT, she worked with children from 1 to 15 years of age with various diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. In 2017, she joined the world of ABA as a Behavior Technician. She obtained her certification as a Board Certified Autism Technician in 2018 by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. She practiced as a  Program Manager, working with children ages 3 to 18 years for almost 3 years. She completed her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2020 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology then acquired her license as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2021. Ashley's passion for the outdoors and for helping children and their families have always been inspired by the saying "Leave Them Better Than You Found Them"

Jessica Pavon MA., BCBA

Clinical Director

Jessica’s journey in the special education field began in 2013 when she was required to take additional courses to fulfill her full time student status. Her passion laid in the healthcare field and working with children. Although her major was nursing, she soon discovered a new passion. In 2014,  Jessica switched majors from nursing to Communicative Disorders and obtained her Bachelor's from San Francisco State University in 2016. Soon after, she began working as a behavior therapist and obtained her certification as a Registered Behavioral Technician a few months later. As she continued to work closely with families and clients, she realized she wanted to continue her education, and in 2020 Jessica earned her Masters in Special Education from Arizona State University. More recently, Jessica completed her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst! 

Moying Tsui MA., BCBA

Clinical Director

Mo Ying started her ABA journey back in 2015, building a wealth of experience working with people on the spectrum from ages 2 to 21. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 2015, obtained her M.S. in ABA in May 2021, and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in November 2021. She believes that building a relationship between the individual receiving therapy and the family is essential to build trust between the team and ultimately a successful intervention. Mo Ying is eager to learn new and effective ABA methods to continue strengthening her skill sets to better support families and looks forward to contributing to the growth of the Adapt team.

Alejandra Cornejo-Gonzalez MA., RBT

Senior Program Manager/Clinical Director

Alejandra was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. She obtained a B.S in health science with an option in Nursing and minor in Music from Cal State East Bay. She completed her Master program in Education with a concentration in ABA from ASU and is currently completing her requirements to become certified as a BCBA. Beginning her journey back in 2007, Ali started working for the unified school district of Oakland as an aide to a special needs classroom and came in contact with the field of ABA. She has been working in ABA now for the last 5 years. Her passion is providing  support to the kiddos and families of Adapt  and making a positive impact in their lives.


Lizbeth Pinon-Sosa MA., RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist/Program Manager

Lizbeth earned her Bachelors and Masters degree at San Jose State University. She began working with kids shortly after graduating from her Bachelors. After working with kids, she found her passion to continue her education and build her skills and knowledge of children and teens.  She is passionate and enjoys working with kids to positively impact their life as well as their families life. On the weekends, she enjoys volunteering and offering free art classes for kids and families.

Shainamel Pilapil MA., RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist/Program Manager

Shaina earned her B.A in Psychology at UC Merced in 2018 and her M.A in Developmental Psychology in 2021 at San Francisco State University. Her passion for working with children began in graduate school as she worked as a researcher at a family interactions lab, working directly with preschoolers and their parents. Since joining Adapt, Shaina has fallen in love with the career as a Behavior Therapist and working with kids across all age groups. She values family and aspires to make a positive difference in other people's lives.

Marjorie Lacap MA., RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist/Program Manager

Marjorie started working in the field of ABA in 2018 while pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, graduating from Sacramento State University in May 2020. She then started working as a mid-level supervisor in 2021 while pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Special Education, with a focus in ABA, graduating from Arizona State University in May 2023. She is very passionate about ABA and loves working with the kiddos!

Jennica Ivy Capingian M.S., RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist/Program Manager

Jennica was born and raised in Sunnyvale, CA. Wanting to branch outside of her hometown, she moved out to Southern California after college. Jennica received her B.A in Sociology from California State University, Long Beach. During her time at Long Beach, Jennica also started her career in ABA, working as an RBT for 2 years. Her passion to help others has only grown so much more as she entered the field. In 2022, she obtained her M.S in Applied Behavioral Analysis from National University. She hopes to one day direct her own ABA company and help many other families and children.

Jaspreet Dhaliwal MA., RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist/Program Manager

Jaspreet began her journey in ABA 4 years ago after completing her BA in Psychology from CSU Fresno. Jaspreet began as an entry-level behavior technician in early intervention (ages 2-8) and quickly fell in love with the rewarding field. She worked her way up to a senior RBT and then a Training Coordinator at her previous company, while completing her MA in Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis at Arizona State University. Soon after, she began working with Adapt as a Program Manager and is currently finishing up her supervision hours to pursue her BCBA license. Bringing together her passion for learning and helping others, Jaspreet hopes to positively impact the lives of her clients and their families!

Suzanne Hernandez, BA.,RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist

Suzanne received her BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley in 2020 with a minor in Human Rights. During her time at UC Berkeley she worked at an early childhood education program where she became familiar with the field of ABA. She has since practiced center based, home based, and school based ABA. Her passion lies with working with children and will continue to pour into the children and families she works with.

Vanessa Rodarte, BA.,RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist

Vanessa received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. She began her career working with children and teenagers as a youth Mixed Martial Arts instructor. In 2019, Vanessa discovered her passion for ABA and in 2020, she completed her certification as a registered behavioral technician (RBT) by the Behavior Analysts Certification Board. Working with children has always been a joy for Vanessa. She is eager to continue to grow in the field of ABA with Adapt and continues to strive to positively impact the lives of others.

Sergio Duarte, BS.,RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist

Sergio started his career in ABA after earning a B. S. in Psychological & Brain Sciences as well as a B. A. in Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara. They gained experience in working with children and teenagers as a youth leader in their church. They have always felt a passion for working with the Spanish-speaking community and providing resources that are sometimes inaccessible to families that do not speak English. Through Adapt, they have become knowledgeable in ABA which has driven them to positively shape the lives of the families that they work with!

Alex Flores, BA., RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist

Alex is an undergraduate student of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. His emphasis of study is in cognitive development and clinical psychology. He is a BCBA Registered Behavioral Technician, and a behavioral therapist at Adapt. Alex is committed to the prosperity of his clients and promoting their development across a comprehensive set of skills. He seeks to advance ABA therapy through dedicated inquiry, empirical achievement, and the collective success of Adapt.

Daisy Gil, BA.,RBT

Senior Behavior Therapist

Daisy earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California. While in college, she worked directly with preschool children helping them develop their language and literacy skills. Through working for Jumpstart she found her passion for working with children. She enjoys making a positive impact on other’s and is eager to grow in the field of ABA.


Angelica Bacon, BA.,RBT

Behavior Therapist

Angie received her Bachelor of Arts from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Masters of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Grand Canyon University. After graduating, Angie worked with adults with severe mental illness and substance abuse issues in Brooklyn, NY. In 2022, Angie moved back to Daly City, CA after living in New York City for 5 years. Angie wanted to work with children after working with adults for 4 years. Luckily, she found Adapt and now loves what she does. In the near future, Angie will go back to school to receive a counseling license to hopefully work in a school setting!

Lauren Ivankovich, BA.,RBT

Behavior Therapist

Coming Soon. . .

Reginald Bongco, BA.,RBT

Behavior Therapist

Coming Soon. . .

Administration Specialists

Helen Calderon, M.S.

HR Specialist Contractor

Meet Helen Calderon: A vital part of Adapt's HR team for four years! Helen holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from FIU. Beyond her professional dedication, Helen finds joy in simple pleasures like beach outings, movies and spending quality time with her family. With a genuine passion for supporting employees and driving organizational success, Helen brings practical expertise and empathy to her role. Committed to cultivating a positive workplace culture where everyone can excel, Helen is dedicated to helping employees while contributing to the company's success.

Tyler Becks, BA

Head of Scheduling and Client Relations

Tyler is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Event planning and Business from Long Beach State University. Tyler began his career over four years ago, as an Event Coordinator for a program based out of Hawaii. Through this position, he refined various skills and applications in a variety of relevant areas. Tyler joined Adapt almost three years ago and has been an invaluable asset to the clients, team members, and company. He is in charge of scheduling and client relations, as well as assisting in a variety of other aspects of the company, including employee management and payroll. In his free time, Tyler enjoys going for walks with his dog and spending time with his family and friends.

Sandra Arroyo

Assistant to Scheduling, Client Relations, and HR Contractor

Sandra is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area. She has completed coursework in computer concepts and has a background in logistics coordination. In addition, she also has experience in healthcare sales and scheduling. Sandra recently joined Adapt and has quickly proven to be a valuable asset to the clients, team members, and company. Sandra assists scheduling and HR in client relations, scheduling development, as well as assisting in a variety of other aspects of the company. In her free time, Sandra enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors.

Matthew Breidt, BA

Billing Contractor

Coming Soon. . .

Why is Adapt called a "Behavioral Collective"

" We call ourselves a behavioral collective for two simple reasons...

One, at Adapt our intention is to assemble a collection of the most talented, passionate individuals in the field aimed towards the collective goal of providing the highest quality of service to our clients and their families.  Two, within this group of people, diversity of thought and experience is paramount. Under the umbrella of ABA techniques and methodologies, we will continue to collectively develop an evolving, multi-faceted, and comprehensive approach to the individuals we serve.  Our strength comes as a whole and every individual is hired with the intention to contribute in their own unique way with their own unique capabilities."

NOTICE: The Department of Consumer Affairs receives questions and complaints regarding the practice of psychology. If you have any questions or complaints, you may contact this department by calling 800-633-2322 or (916) 574-7720, or by writing to the following address: Board of Psychology, 1625 North Market Street, Suite N-215, Sacramento, CA 95834

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